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Providing Sprinkler Installations in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island

Automatic fire suppression sprinklers are an important safety feature to help control and contain fires. In only three minutes, an entire room can become engulfed in flames. In the amount of time it can take firefighters to arrive on scene, sprinklers can control or possibly put out the fire. This not only helps to protect the building and your property, but can also save lives of people who are not able to make a quick escape. Atlantic Automatic Sprinklers Limited can help you protect your commercial or residential properties with an automatic sprinkler system in the Maritimes.


We can complete sprinkler installations in Nova Scotia and beyond at new project sites, including high- or low-rise buildings, residential and commercial buildings, and some industrial buildings. We can also install sprinkler systems at existing buildings where you are looking to increase your protection against fires.

At Atlantic Automatic Sprinklers Limited, we will first design the ideal sprinkler system for your building. We will provide engineered, stamped sprinkler drawings in PDF using AutoCAD software, with hydraulic calculations. Our professional team will then get to work installing your sprinkler system in conjunction with the other trades.

We offer both wet and dry sprinkler systems. Wet sprinkler systems are used in areas that have adequate heat coverage that will prevent the pipes from freezing. Dry sprinkler systems are installed in areas that are exposed to cold temperatures, like balconies and attics.

If you would like to learn more about our installation services or request an estimate, please feel free to give us a call.


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